Define yourself. 

If you really want to be rebellious or call yourself a rebel, focus only on things that truly matter. Slowly take the focus off of trying to appeal to others (strangers) solely to gain notoriety or popularity or to fulfill your desire to “fit in”. 

Society wants to control our brain, control our thoughts and our actions… not allowing them to do so is a sign of rebellion, a sign of a true revolutionary! 

“For me to have an opinion, I have to be really confident. People walk around with opinions all the time, but if they bet on those worthless opinions, they’d lose money.”

Ray Dalio 

Unplug, maybe. 

How much content does one or should one consume before they start to create?

Are we honest with ourselves?

Are we conscious enough to know when to stop or slow down on our consumption and block out some of the noise and start listening to our on voice, our own spirit?

Are we strong and confident enough to tap into that spirit and let it guide us to our truth?

How much inspiration does one need to ignite creativity?

I no longer enjoy being cool. Cool is no longer enough for me. I’d rather be trusted and respected. Trusted to the point that if I put something out into the world, at least the people that know me will have no doubt that what I’m putting out is genuine and authentic and of the best possible quality. They would have no doubt that time and effort was well spent during the process. They would know that I’m only interested in becoming better and knowing better, and whatever I choose to create would match that desire. I don’t want anyone’s attention, money, or love if I’m not creating something that they can benefit from.

Most people want more followers on social media. My question is “why?” Myself, nor anyone else does not deserve more followers unless we are exposing content that people can actually learn from and or be inspired by.

Are you cool?

What’s the definition of cool?

Are we creating enough?

Are we consuming too much?

Is there a balance?

Do we even know, like really know what it is we truly want?

Success can happen everyday, multiple times a day.

Constantly motivated by winning the internal battle. That’s the only battle there really is. That is what defines you as a man or woman. To me, the internal battle defines success. I think success is an ongoing process. The good thing and maybe the bad thing (depending on perspective) is that the battle and the process never stops. We as humans never stop. Our minds don’t stop, our brains don’t just stop working. We’re always taking in new information, thinking of new ideas or people whether we want to or not. How do we interpret that information? How do we react? Does it inspire us to create/build or does it inspire inaction?

We have our own personal problems that may take a toll on us. We’re all dealing with worldly issues that directly or indirectly effect us. From the President of the United States to the Natural Disasters that seem to happen more frequently. It effects us all. I believe we all have a part to play. How we attack that inner battle represents how well we play our part.

A reminder is that we have beautiful things in our lives to still be thankful and appreciative for as well. With that said, it can be a tough task to balance the highs and lows properly. The internal battle. A battle, in my opinion, without a single doubt we have to win in order to travel the road to success. Success in our households, classrooms, businesses, jobs, marriages, etc.

A certain consciousness, a certain stripping of our ego, a certain attitude towards life should be the first step towards our individual and collective successes. The possessions you may have… money, cars, or whatever may help for a short while. I damn sure want money and more importantly, freedom. But wherever you go and whatever you do, the internal battle will still be there waiting on you.

Who in this world is perfect?

I’ve learned so much over the past few weeks. One thing that has been a constant reassurance is that people will have an opinion of any and everything you do. People who don’t know you. People that have created their own version of you in their heads and believe it to be true. You could be doing the most righteous “act” and standing for the most righteous cause and someone will search for any flaw in that “act” or any minute detail within your character as person to disrupt or downplay your forward motion. It’s not fair, but that’s the way of the world.

People actually get mad because you’re not being the person that “they” want you to be. How selfish and inconsiderate is that? If you don’t follow their ideologies or philosophies of how you should act and live they get offended. For me personally, that has been a hard pill to swallow as of late. I think it’s the most ridiculous thing in the world. My goal is to use it as more fuel to keep fighting and standing my ground.

The only opinions that matter should come from people that have actually done something or someone that you have the utmost respect for. Some peoples full time job is to be a critic and or share their uninformed opinion, they feel like they’re being productive when they do it. So who am I or who is anyone for that matter to tell someone that they should stop being “productive.”?


At times we’ll do or say just about anything to ease the pain. The pain of heartbreak, a lost, embarrassment, “disrespect”, etc. To ease that pain on the expense of someone else stems from a lack of self-control and self love.

Whatever that pain may be. It usually starts on a mental level, but when that pain starts to physically take shape and we’re not sure how to rid ourselves of it, I believe that is when the little voice (God/Universe) in our head is trying to tell us something. It’s hard as hell to hear it. So much static, useless information, and other things that have no real importance tends to distract or deter our attention.

We have to find those small hints of nonsense and hack away at them until we can hear, feel, and let in what’s solely meant for us to thrive and grow and be the unique individuals we are destined to be.

The meaning of life is to be of service to others, but I believe we must first service ourselves.