yes, we’re talking about practice.

I don’t consider myself a writer at all. I think that would be disrespectful to the writers who do this for real. Although, I do enjoy writing. Maybe if I did consider myself as a  writer I would write and take this blog a bit more serious. Maybe it’s time!

The process in itself is stimulating. I created this blog for a few reasons. I feel like I needed a release. A release of emotions, of baggage, a release of all things that hinder or stunt my growth. I believe writing to be a practice. I want to become a better writer. To become a better writer one must write. One must study and learn from other writers. One must be in tune and become self-aware. I wanted to become aware of my thoughts and my feelings on a deeper level. Why do I think these thoughts? Why do I feel these feelings? I think writing helps me figure all that out to some extent. It’s a practice. A practice of articualting myself so that a complete stranger can fully understand my dialect. It’s a healing practice. Writing telescopes most things. When you see the truth you can be healed. Some things we may be afraid to say so we write it.  It’s a practice in mediation. You really have to sit down, quiet your mind and be totally honest with yourself if you want to get something out of this practice. I believe if a “thing” or a “practice” has the power to not only help you on a personal level, but also increases your vibration so that you can be of better service to the world, it is our duty to stick with that practice and therefore motivate others to find a “practice” or “thing” that does the same for them. It has the ability to give everyone a new perspective on life, on fatherhood, motherhood, spirituality, health, I could go on and on… It is truly a gift from your creator when you find and utilize that “practice.”

I feel like I’m starting to embrace writing again, and overall embrace any and all practices that will help my evolution not just as a “writer” but as a man and a father. I hope we all find that “practice” or those “practices” that help us on our daily path.

Thanks for reading.


Author: shaneanthony

observer. learner. student.

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