Define yourself. 

If you really want to be rebellious or call yourself a rebel, focus only on things that truly matter. Slowly take the focus off of trying to appeal to others (strangers) solely to gain notoriety or popularity or to fulfill your desire to “fit in”. 

Society wants to control our brain, control our thoughts and our actions… not allowing them to do so is a sign of rebellion, a sign of a true revolutionary! 

Author: shaneanthony

observer. learner. student.

2 thoughts on “Define yourself. ”

  1. Wow bro!!! Outstanding. Yo Shane I’m running for State Representative up here bro my election is in 2018 bro. I say this just to tell you this blog just gave me my confirmation that I am doing the right thing. By taking this big risk. And to running my campaign the way I want!!! Thanks bro your homie from WP!!! Proud of you fam.


    1. That’s a big deal man. I’m glad you’re pushing forward. Its a blessing for me that I could give you some inspiration, but you’ve always had a special gift, the world needs to see it bro! Proud of you as well man! Congrats on your journey. Peace and love!


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