Unplug, maybe. 

How much content does one or should one consume before they start to create?

Are we honest with ourselves?

Are we conscious enough to know when to stop or slow down on our consumption and block out some of the noise and start listening to our on voice, our own spirit?

Are we strong and confident enough to tap into that spirit and let it guide us to our truth?

How much inspiration does one need to ignite creativity?

I no longer enjoy being cool. Cool is no longer enough for me. I’d rather be trusted and respected. Trusted to the point that if I put something out into the world, at least the people that know me will have no doubt that what I’m putting out is genuine and authentic and of the best possible quality. They would have no doubt that time and effort was well spent during the process. They would know that I’m only interested in becoming better and knowing better, and whatever I choose to create would match that desire. I don’t want anyone’s attention, money, or love if I’m not creating something that they can benefit from.

Most people want more followers on social media. My question is “why?” Myself, nor anyone else does not deserve more followers unless we are exposing content that people can actually learn from and or be inspired by.

Are you cool?

What’s the definition of cool?

Are we creating enough?

Are we consuming too much?

Is there a balance?

Do we even know, like really know what it is we truly want?

Author: shaneanthony

observer. learner. student.

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