Success can happen everyday, multiple times a day.

Constantly motivated by winning the internal battle. That’s the only battle there really is. That is what defines you as a man or woman. To me, the internal battle defines success. I think success is an ongoing process. The good thing and maybe the bad thing (depending on perspective) is that the battle and the process never stops. We as humans never stop. Our minds don’t stop, our brains don’t just stop working. We’re always taking in new information, thinking of new ideas or people whether we want to or not. How do we interpret that information? How do we react? Does it inspire us to create/build or does it inspire inaction?

We have our own personal problems that may take a toll on us. We’re all dealing with worldly issues that directly or indirectly effect us. From the President of the United States to the Natural Disasters that seem to happen more frequently. It effects us all. I believe we all have a part to play. How we attack that inner battle represents how well we play our part.

A reminder is that we have beautiful things in our lives to still be thankful and appreciative for as well. With that said, it can be a tough task to balance the highs and lows properly. The internal battle. A battle, in my opinion, without a single doubt we have to win in order to travel the road to success. Success in our households, classrooms, businesses, jobs, marriages, etc.

A certain consciousness, a certain stripping of our ego, a certain attitude towards life should be the first step towards our individual and collective successes. The possessions you may have… money, cars, or whatever may help for a short while. I damn sure want money and more importantly, freedom. But wherever you go and whatever you do, the internal battle will still be there waiting on you.

Author: shaneanthony

observer. learner. student.

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