At times we’ll do or say just about anything to ease the pain. The pain of heartbreak, a lost, embarrassment, “disrespect”, etc. To ease that pain on the expense of someone else stems from a lack of self-control and self love.

Whatever that pain may be. It usually starts on a mental level, but when that pain starts to physically take shape and we’re not sure how to rid ourselves of it, I believe that is when the little voice (God/Universe) in our head is trying to tell us something. It’s hard as hell to hear it. So much static, useless information, and other things that have no real importance tends to distract or deter our attention.

We have to find those small hints of nonsense and hack away at them until we can hear, feel, and let in what’s solely meant for us to thrive and grow and be the unique individuals we are destined to be.

The meaning of life is to be of service to others, but I believe we must first service ourselves.

Author: shaneanthony

observer. learner. student.

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