Stay true.

When you’ve reached certain points in life it feels like a weight lifted off your shoulders. Point being, the reason of this post stems from a conversation I literally had with myself a few years ago.

I’ve always loved clothes. Everything about clothing/fashion has always intrigued me. The process, the time invested, the fabric/material, the inspiration behind it etc. As a young man I always wanted the latest and greatest. That meant spending my last or money that I actually didn’t have just to “look” or “feel” cool. I’m still very much in love with fashion. But more interested in honest fashion, no scratch that. What the hell is honest fashion? I guess I’m into honest expression, honest style. Actually choosing to wear an article of clothing that means something to you, not just wearing something because the latest entertainer said it was the cool thing to buy.

Years ago when I realized that I wanted freedom more than I wanted to look or feel cool, a transformation took place. I desperately needed to be honest with myself. One day I woke up and said to myself if you keep buying the latest item that comes out every week, you’re going to remain broke. Not just financially, but “broken” in all forms. Spending unnecessary money on trendy shit just doesn’t feel good. It honestly never did but at one point I was too ignorant to pinpoint exactly what that feeling was so I just ignored it. It’s a feeling of emptiness. I’m still fighting that battle. Like I’ve stated, I’m into honest expression. I no longer feel out of place if my shoes/clothing aren’t the newest or the most expensive. I feel wonderful knowing that I am expressing my truth. My honest style and how that equates to my everyday life.

Author: shaneanthony

observer. learner. student.

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