Start where you are.

“How was your vacation?”

“How was your day off?”

Two questions that I overheard today as I was out and about. I witnessed/overheard this exchange two different times by two totally different people. In this case it happened to be two women. One was older and the other was middle age or so. One worked at a supermarket and the other worked at a bank. These are normal questions that anyone would ask, especially a co-worker. But far too often, no matter how old or young, ethnic background or gender I hear the exact same answers…. “Oh, hey Sally, how was your vacation?” “It was great! didn’t do much but anything beats being here.”

You guessed right. “Here” meaning the work place.

2nd encounter:

“Hey Janice, how was your day off?” “It was wonderful, I sat around the house all day and binge-watched House Of Cards. I’m just glad I didn’t have to come into this place.”

Many people share a common bond. They hate their jobs! But is anyone doing anything about it? it’s so easy to complain or make sarcastic remarks about our jobs but unconsciously or consciously most peoples lives suck just because of their job. As I’m writing this I’m currently at a job that I hate. I don’t complain about it because I’m doing everything in my power to change my reality. I think if most of us would just attempt to change our day to day lives we would be less stressed, more energetic and more in tune with ourselves, and in turn we would look within to help assist us in the process of creation.

I started this blog for the sole purpose of creating. I wanted to produce something. I wanted something that only I could do. We can all have the exact same experiences but we won’t have the same perspective. So right or wrong, you can agree or disagree with this blog as a whole but I’m creating something that no one else can. No one else can give my perspective besides me. Another incentive is if I don’t write, nothing will get done. I can’t pass the blame on anyone. Making it my business to observe my surroundings and pay more attention to people, places, and things. Also to get out of a funk of just coming home from work sitting around and consuming. Not consuming in a sense of spending money but consumption as a whole. Whatever you give your attention to is a form of consumption. Whether its a tv show, a website, social media etc. I want whatever I consume to be worth my while and I want it to benefit me in some way. I also want to put something out into the world. Even if no one ever reads or visits my site I can say that I made a meaningful contribution to society the best way I could with whatever resources I had at that time.


Author: shaneanthony

observer. learner. student.

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