All of the “lly’s”

Your intentions, the good ones, should transition into action. Your actions should be genuine and purposeful. The words you speak should be meaningful. What if you had to pay to speak? We could not and cannot afford to talk reckless or talk without thinking first. Our day to day convos should be meaningful. What we post on the internet/social media should be meaningful. Who we follow on social media should add value to our lives and inspire us in some way. What we give our attention to should be meaningful. For example, the things we read, the places we go, the websites we frequent, the movies we watch, the food we eat…

I believe we should find entertainment and fulfillment in things that will enable us to develop and grow in any and every way possible.

Spiritually. Mentally. Socially. Emotionally. Physically. Creatively. Financially.

Author: shaneanthony

observer. learner. student.

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