Social courage.

The pressure is high for some, others, not so much. We desperately need it, but do we have the social courage to be socially honest? Being social has been the paradigm for quite some time now but a lot of us are still getting use to it. We hide behind these social media platforms for the sake of entertainment or personal gain. Does telling the truth even matter anymore? is life so miserable that we want or like being lied to, and even feel comfortable lying to ourselves?

I heard a quote from Tim Ferriss the other day and he said “social media isn’t designed to make you better, it’s designed to expose you.” I agree with that statement. We have control over ourselves and what we expose to the public. I don’t think the actual exposing is the problem. I think the problem is over-exposure and not caring or being conscious of what we’re doing. We all in some way want to be or remain relevant to the masses or some select group or audience. I have no problem with that. I myself want to stay relevant to the small core following that I have. But the question I pose is, at what cost are you willing to pay for relevance or attention? The world has shifted. Everyones voice and opinion can be heard. Unlimited information is literally at our fingertips. We’re able to start all sorts of businesses and create opportunities for ourselves that wasn’t possible 5 to 10 years ago. I think that’s a beautiful thing. But I think so many terms and strategies are overused and thrown around so loosely and people feel like they’re entitled to something just because of their following. I’ve seen so many people fall victim to self-destruction solely because they do too much looking around at what everyone else is doing and not paying attention to the individual in the mirror. We start to believe things about ourselves that may not be true. Regardless what’s at stake, not compromising creativity, do we have the social courage to be truly honest with ourselves first then translate that honesty to the world and be happy with whatever comes from that?


Author: shaneanthony

observer. learner. student.

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