“We in this together, Sun, your health is mine!” – Stic

it’s 2018, we out here trying to live, and live long. We need to be performing at our optimum level in every aspect. All cylinders need to be functioning properly throughout the day. We’ve (my family/community) been eating bullshit for more than half our lives. So when you hear people saying “oh, i don’t eat meat anymore” or “i’m trying not to drink or smoke as much.” instead of ridiculing them we should be saluting and tipping our hats. Even though the whole vegan/vegetarian thing is becoming a bit redundant because more people are talking and posting about it than actually living it. But talking about it is a great thing too. The dialogue can and will inspire change. People (myself included) that have been deaf, dumb, and blind for decades are slowly rising up from that inactive mind state.

We’ve witnessed firsthand how the food most of us grew up eating no longer serves us in any aspect of our lives. We’ve lacked physically, mentally, and spritually. That is a testament to social media and all the educators and enlighteners that speak up and spread love and knowledge on health, wealth, and overall better living. I appreciate you all and I mean that sincerely. These platforms have helped to guide us and remind us daily that it’s cool to be healthy, it’s cool to be conscious of what we’re putting into our body.

There’s too much shit out here to be doing… we need to be creating, exercising, traveling, reading, running around with our kids, adopting new hobbies, opening businesses… We need to be thinking with clarity. We can’t do any of that if we’re always feeling lethargic, indifferent, bloated, sick, and whatever other bullshit symptoms come with having a bullshit diet. Let’s keep learning and incorporating that knowledge into our everyday lives and hold each other accountable.

When you get, give. When you learn, teach!

We all we got!

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Peace, Light, & Love



questions are rhetorical.

do you actually want to go to that place? or did you go to simply post a pic…? do you actually like that shirt? how do you really feel about that movie? do you honestly know? are we so caught up in other peoples lives, opinions, and ideologies that we don’t trust our own taste, intuition, or beliefs? are you engaging in certain activity because it genuinely makes you happy or are you engaging simply for a sense of belonging…? have you thought about it?

yes, we’re talking about practice.

I don’t consider myself a writer at all. I think that would be disrespectful to the writers who do this for real. Although, I do enjoy writing. Maybe if I did consider myself as a  writer I would write and take this blog a bit more serious. Maybe it’s time!

The process in itself is stimulating. I created this blog for a few reasons. I feel like I needed a release. A release of emotions, of baggage, a release of all things that hinder or stunt my growth. I believe writing to be a practice. I want to become a better writer. To become a better writer one must write. One must study and learn from other writers. One must be in tune and become self-aware. I wanted to become aware of my thoughts and my feelings on a deeper level. Why do I think these thoughts? Why do I feel these feelings? I think writing helps me figure all that out to some extent. It’s a practice. A practice of articualting myself so that a complete stranger can fully understand my dialect. It’s a healing practice. Writing telescopes most things. When you see the truth you can be healed. Some things we may be afraid to say so we write it.  It’s a practice in mediation. You really have to sit down, quiet your mind and be totally honest with yourself if you want to get something out of this practice. I believe if a “thing” or a “practice” has the power to not only help you on a personal level, but also increases your vibration so that you can be of better service to the world, it is our duty to stick with that practice and therefore motivate others to find a “practice” or “thing” that does the same for them. It has the ability to give everyone a new perspective on life, on fatherhood, motherhood, spirituality, health, I could go on and on… It is truly a gift from your creator when you find and utilize that “practice.”

I feel like I’m starting to embrace writing again, and overall embrace any and all practices that will help my evolution not just as a “writer” but as a man and a father. I hope we all find that “practice” or those “practices” that help us on our daily path.

Thanks for reading.


Define yourself. 

If you really want to be rebellious or call yourself a rebel, focus only on things that truly matter. Slowly take the focus off of trying to appeal to others (strangers) solely to gain notoriety or popularity or to fulfill your desire to “fit in”. 

Society wants to control our brain, control our thoughts and our actions… not allowing them to do so is a sign of rebellion, a sign of a true revolutionary! 

“For me to have an opinion, I have to be really confident. People walk around with opinions all the time, but if they bet on those worthless opinions, they’d lose money.”

Ray Dalio 

Unplug, maybe. 

How much content does one or should one consume before they start to create?

Are we honest with ourselves?

Are we conscious enough to know when to stop or slow down on our consumption and block out some of the noise and start listening to our on voice, our own spirit?

Are we strong and confident enough to tap into that spirit and let it guide us to our truth?

How much inspiration does one need to ignite creativity?

I no longer enjoy being cool. Cool is no longer enough for me. I’d rather be trusted and respected. Trusted to the point that if I put something out into the world, at least the people that know me will have no doubt that what I’m putting out is genuine and authentic and of the best possible quality. They would have no doubt that time and effort was well spent during the process. They would know that I’m only interested in becoming better and knowing better, and whatever I choose to create would match that desire. I don’t want anyone’s attention, money, or love if I’m not creating something that they can benefit from.

Most people want more followers on social media. My question is “why?” Myself, nor anyone else does not deserve more followers unless we are exposing content that people can actually learn from and or be inspired by.

Are you cool?

What’s the definition of cool?

Are we creating enough?

Are we consuming too much?

Is there a balance?

Do we even know, like really know what it is we truly want?